Here is how to setup a Bundle in DataQlick.

Step 1.
Create all your components just like any other Product – using “Add New Product


Step 2.
Link product (components) to you Bundle product. Any product can be a bundle.
On Product page go to pop up menu and select “Edit Product.”


Step 3.
On “Edit Product” page – go to box named “Product Bundle Assembly“.
Click on button “Add Components“.
Select as many components as you need and confirm your selection in pop up box.
Thereafter, adjust the quantity of every component required for the final product, in the “Product Bundle Assembly” box .


Step 4.
Click on “Update Product” to save the product after editing its properties.
Congratulations! You’ve created a bundle.


Note: Same component can participate in multiple bundled product.

After your bundle is created, DataQlick will process a forecast (refreshed daily at midnight) for all the components in a bundle.
It does not matter how many bundles a particular component is included in – its forecasting data will inherit all demand (forecast) of corresponding bundles. The forecast for each component will be aggregated and its reorder point will be recalculated based on its data.
User can even create a Bundle inside another Bundle.



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