No. The default settings in DataQlick allow you to start without any effort on your end.
All presets are present and only two configuration settings are up to you.

Default preset is used for:

  1. Inventory Zones – This configuration defines status of inventory.

    DataQlick provides real time color-coding of all inventories according to its order of priority and takes into account quantity on hand + quantity on order (open Purchase Orders) + rate of consumption + changes in reorder cycle time (lead time).

    Four status levels are used:

    • Understock
    • Near Reorder
    • Proper Levels
    • Overstock


    By default – the Yellow Zone end is set up to 12 days
    (Product has 1 through 12 days of Inventory On Hand until Reorder point)

    By default – the Blue Zone start is set to 40 days
    (Product has more than 40 days of Inventory On Hand until Reorder point)

  1. Reorder Lead Times configuration – this configuration defines the lead time cycle which is measured in days.
    This shows how many days it takes to order material from scratch, manufacture or assemble it (if required) and deliver the finished product to the customer.


    By default – Lead Time is set to 7 Days and Safety Stock is set to 2 days.

    Read more about Lead Times and Safety Stock here.



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