When creating a new connection in the Integration pages, DataQlick creates the new customer. One customer per connection.

To create the customer, you need open the menu “Integrations” and select one of the channels on the Connect tab. Press the “Setup now” button, and follow the steps according to the integrations dialog.

If your connection was successful, a new tab will read “Connected”. You will now be able to manage your new connection (or customer).

Proceed to Edit/Sync tab on “Integrations” page. On this page, you are able to see all your connected channels. From here, you can sync, delete or reconnect the channel.

When you create a new connection, the syncing process starts automatically, but if you need to start the syncing process manually you can press the “Sync” button.

If you experience difficulty with connected channel, please press the “Reconnect” button. This should resolve the problem.
To delete a connection (customer), just press “Delete”.



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