There are few things to consider during supplier assignment to the products.
On Edit product page:

  1. Product purchase cost must be verified and updated (if required)
  2. Find and enter supplier
  3. Order pack quantity must be setup (if product is ordered in bulk or boxes/cases etc..)
  4. Supplier Product name (if product is ordered under different name)
  5. Supplier Product description (if product is ordered under different name)


Suppliers to the product can be assigned in 2 ways:

  • In Edit Product page.
    If user wants to assign supplier to a specific product, he must go to Inventory/Products page.
    Using in-table menu select Edit Product option


In Edit Product page there is a section dedicated to Purchasing information that will be used during creation of Purchase Orders.


  • Or supplier can be assigned to multiple products at once during Purchase Order creation process.

See complete process of supplier assignment here.



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