Buy orders (Purchase Orders) are created by clicking on Buy button on Selection List Panel on right side of the screen.

After product to be replenished is selected on Selection List user can create new Purchase Order by clicking on Buy


After clicking buy system (DataQlick) first checks is all items on Selections list have suppliers already assigned.
If there is a single Supplier, user will go straight to PO creation.
If there are multiple suppliers or items with unassigned Suppliers, user will go to supplier selection screen.

This is the place where supplier can be easily re-assigned.
User must choose just one suppler to create a Purchase Order.


Confirming Products to be used on PO will provide a chance to user to use ONLY (or all) items on PO for chosen Supplier.


Note: Any item on PO can be removed in later stage of PO creation before it will be fully finalized.



Purchase order will be give system generated unique PO # and it will be auto-populated in Doc Number.
Doc Number is for the user if he/she wants to use own numbering scheme. It can be overwritten.
Due Date is an important date when products is expected to arrive from Supplier. It will be tracked on the system and all past due POs can be easily filtered on Purchase Order page by Past Due button.


Once Supplier is already selected in previous steps there will be editing Supplier on PO.
If another Supplier is required – PO should be canceled (deleted) and recreated.
Shipping address will be populated from user (Administrator) profile.

Cost for each item on PO will be populated by the system, however it can be overwritten by the user.
User will provide desired quantities for each item on Purchase Order.
Any items that need to be removed from PO can be removed by clicking on on right side.
After final verification by clicking on SAVE button on upper right side of the screen new purchase order will be created.

Here is completed PO:





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