Sell order (Invoice) is created by clicking on Sell button on Selection List Panel on right side of the screen.
All product which is on Selection List at this moment will show up on new opened page of new Invoice.

After product to be sold is selected on Selection List user create new Invoice by clicking on Sell


When Create New Invoice page appears its Invoice unique number is generated by the system.
User must populate important information into invoice:

  • Doc number: user can provide his own number for Invoice
  • Due Date: specify date when Invoice is due
  • Select Customer: by clicking on Customer field pop up window with existing customers will show up for selection.
    • If customer already exist his information will be transferred on Invoice
      • Terms (of payment)
      • Shipping address, email etc..
  • Class and Location must be populated during creation of Invoice
    They are not mandatory, but serve as tracking category for each Invoice sales order


Customer selection window:


Customer information can be edited and updated on the spot.


Requires Shipping/delivery check box – is to identify if this particular invoice requires shipping.
It is used for tracking purpose of all unshipped invoices.

All product from Selection List will appear on Invoice. In the table user must fill in:

  • exact quantities for each item
  • check (uncheck) if product is taxable

In subtotals user will update:

  • Discount (if any) to be applied in percent or in amount value
  • Tax to be applied in percentage (only for taxable items)
  • Shipping charges

The final Total($) will be calculated by the system.


Now invoice is ready for processing.
There are multiple options to process Invoice:

  1. Save process invoice into the system. If user has connected accounting software (QuickBooks or Xero) its invoice information will also be sent to it. It will show up in user Sales account.
  2. Reserve will not process Invoice, but will place Invoice on hold like in layaway in retail store.
    Product on reserved invoice will be deducted from available supply.
    At some point reserved invoice should be processed to complete it or deleted to release reserved products.
  3. Draft is like placing invoice on hold until later, but inventory will not be deducted from available supply



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