DataQlick provides sync service for the sales information that customer has in all connected accounts or sales channels.
Sales information for all invoices will be synced daily into your connected accounting software (QuickBooks or Xero)

All items sold, its price and quantities including discounts (if available) and customer information will be processed. Also, Tax information for each sales order (invoice) will be added to each invoice information.

Note: Since tax calculations for orders processed outside of DataQlick is done by other systems and they can be very complex DataQlick can only bring tax amount into accounting software as exa­ct amount on invoice without any tax codes attached.

In order to match exact tax amount on each sales order (invoice) DataQlick will create tax codes just for that reason

(example: DataQlick (4.37%) )

If this is not acceptable user can disconnect invoice sync processing in Settings > Accounting.




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