There are 2 ways to remove product from visibility. Both of them serve its own purpose and its control located on Edit Product page.

If you want just to hide product on UI but do not delete or archive it –  use option Hide product on UI.
When this option is chosen product will not appear any more on any of Inventory pages.  But it still be available for use if you need to.
This option is good for product that have no interest to user and user wants to hide it.

Second option is a lot stricter and it will DEACTIVATE your product. When option Inactive is chosen – it will not delete the product, but exclude it from any use by the system.

Note: We are very restrained with DELETE functionality.
There is a button DELETE, but be very cautious to use it. System will not allow you to delete any product if this product was used anywhere in Invoices or POs. 

Is it possible to mark product as inactive and remove it from visibility



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