View of the forecast purchases is on Inventory/Forecast page.
Recommended replenishment quantities of products are in monthly buckets for forward looking 6 months.

At this moment there is only one BASE being used Standard¬Ě. In the future we will be adding ability to visualize the BASE patterns and change them on each product level.
User can go to Inventory/Forecast page to view past 6-months sales (1) aligned with future 6-months forecast purchase recommendations (2).


These numbers are easily downloadable into excel (csv) file for user convenience using Export¬Ě button.

Note: Forecast recommendations are properly calculated for each composite component in a Bundle or Kit.

All forecast quantities in each bundle product will be inherited for each component in this bundle.
If component has multiple quantities in specific bundle it will be multiplied.
Not only that, if the same component is being a part of other bundles DataQlick accounts for it too.
Final purchase recommendations are properly calculated and displayed in the Forecast view for all products no matter if this is a Bundle or Composite (Variant) component participating in multiple bundles.

See example:




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