It might seem painful to handle all these parts, but it doesn’t have to be. Here is how the inventory management app should help you to manage Bundles (kits or assemblies) and bill of materials.

There are two main categories of Bundles:

A Bundle, or a kit is made up of other products named here as components. For example, a gift store might sell a kit that contains various products: coffee maker, coffee mug, coffee filters and a travel cap. They sell all these components individually, but they also offer a kit that includes all the components together.

A Bill of Materials (BOM), is a list of all the materials that are needed to manufacture an end product. These are raw materials that would not ordinarily be sold in your store.


Bill of Materials List of components (products) required to assemble a product. Also referred to as BOM.
Component Line item of the Bill of Materials or Work Order. Components are used to create the Product Assembly. The terms Component and Material are used interchangeably.
Work Order Document that tracks the components required to assemble a product and the assembly process.
Product Assembly Identifies the product that is going to be assembled using a Work Order.


Example of a bundled product:



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